Family of four looking for a four bedroom house

Family of four looking for a 4 bedroom house to rent
Due to the market our current landlord is wanting to sell as our lease is up for September 1, 2021. I am Project Manager in restoration and my fiancĂ© is a Supervisor for an Industrial painting company. We have not once been late on rent and as both our jobs are essential, we have not been impacted due to this pandemic. We currently live in Calgary and are wanting to stay in the North end of the city (close access to the west side of Deerfoot and either North or South of Stony trail) as well as anywhere in the Airdrie area. Our kids will be starting school in the next year so we would like to establish roots in an area and ideally rent love term 2-5+ years. We have an older dog who is lazy, and loves to cuddle, hardly barks and keeps to himself. We have a cat that is declawed. In our current home we have had no damages due to the pets. Due to small children a fenced in yard is required. Also to keep a happy hubby a garage is a must. Budget $1,500 – $2,000

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