Do you have a GOOD INCOME but bruised credit?
Have you recently filed for bankruptcy or got divorced?
Are you SELF-EMPLOYED or have a STEADY JOB but no one will give you a mortgage because you do not have a CREDIT HISTORY in CANADA?

Are you discouraged by the banks saying NO?

Unfortunately many people spend years and thousands of dollars renting, without ever discovering ALL OF THE OPTIONS AVAILABLE FOR HOMEOWNERSHIP.

If you are ready to become a HOMEOWNER but are discouraged by your current CREDIT challenges our RENT-TO-OWN PROGRAM may the perfect solution for you!

RENT-TO-OWN may be for you IF;

• You have Bad Credit-Bankruptcy, Proposal, Collections, Judgements, etc.

• You have Decent Steady Income-Full-time employment/Self-Employed Income

• You have the “minimum 5% initial deposit” to set up your Rent-to-Own Contract

• You DO NOT Qualify for a Mortgage “Right now”, but dream of owning your own home

Program Benefits:

1. Endless Possibilities-You can choose ANY HOME, ANYWHERE!

2. Rent Rebates/Credits given back to you monthly to help you save for your downpayment

3. Ongoing coaching/support to rebuild and repair your credit so that you can finalize the purchase of your home at the end of the term

4. Affordability-We help you carefully plan and work within your budget to ensure you get a home that you not only Love but can afford! 

…And Last but not least, this service is 100% FREE to you!

Discover all the possibilities, explore your options and find the solutions that are right for you.

Simply Hit Reply to this Ad to get started!

Look forward to working with you.

Marjorie Canales-MD HOMES Group
Sales Representative
Call me direct (416) 826-6144

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