Married couple looking for a new home!

Hello everyone!

My husband and I are looking for a new apartment and we could use some help.

A little about us:
We’re in our late twenties/early thirties, we both work in professional fields (I’m in marketing and he’s in product management).

That also means we’re home pretty much 24/7 and our current 600sqft, one bedroom apartment is getting a tiny bit cramped.

We have 2 cats and don’t plan getting anymore. No kids (that we know of haha).

Full disclosure, I am a smoker but I only smoke outside so a balcony or garden would be appreciated. My husband does not smoke.

Day-to-day, we’re pretty chill, when we’re not working, we’re either reading, playing video games, watching jeopardy or doing puzzles. I dont think either of us plan on taking up tap dancing or an instrument anytime soon.

What we’d love in an apartment (or house or condo):

• Budget-wise, we’d ideally like to keep it under $1800 but can afford a bit more for the right apartment.

• Ideally, we’d love a 3 or 4 bedroom but open to a 2 bedroom if the place is big.

• We’re not super picky if the apartment is super modern or more midcentury (although I personally prefer midcentury), we do however care that the apartment is well maintained (as in no cracks in the walls, super scratched up floors, broken appliances, etc). We care a lot about taking care of our living space so we’d rather not have to need to fix the previous tenants mistakes.

• Would super appreciate a place with lots of windows and that gets a good amount of sun during the day. Since we barely leave the house, we’re as Vitamin D deficient as can be.

• It would absolutely have to be unfurnished (except for major appliances but we can buy our own too). We’ve spent a lot of careful time and effort curating our home to our taste and we’d rather not get rid of our stuff.

• In-unit laundry and parking would be nice to have but not deal breakers. We like baths, so a bathtub would be great.

• Would be more than happy to share proof of income, credit score and our current’s landlord information for a reference.

• One thing that is super important to me is location, since we don’t get out much, the few times we do it’s just a shot of serotonin because we love our neighborhood so much, so in a perfect world, we’d love to not have to move out of our area. I’ve included a photo of our location preferences (

I know this might seem like a super crazy/specific long list but we’re just at a place in our lives right now where we want to settle in place in the long-term and don’t want to go through the fuss of moving every other year in search of the right home.

If you know someone looking to rent out their apartment, or you yourself are looking to rent out your home, please feel free to get in touch by sending me a message here.

If you’ve made it this far, congrats, you deserve a cookie <3

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