200ft2 large room In house with a garden outside window

$650.00Some Utilities Included

3451 Blundell Rd, Richmond, BC V7C 1G5, Canada(View Map)


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    In the house there is a large single room(200ft) with a garden outside the window for rent: a large single room with a fireplace for rent, leaving other rooms, suitable for a single who are going to work or going to school, Looking for a clean, tidy, diligent, quiet , reputable and easy to negotiate long tenant. A large garden in front of the window can be used to grow vegetables or grow flowers, and there are enough parking spaces. The location is in the west of Blundell @ No.1 Rd Richmond, BC, Canada. 5 minutes walk to Terra Nova Rural Park and the seaside. 10 minutes drive from YVR Airport. Tenants working at the airport are preferred. Two large gardens in front and back. The landlord is friendly, generous and reasonable. I hope that you are also a similar person. If you are interested, please tell me about your basic situation: the location and content of your work or study, your daily schedule and living habits, from which country, Your gender and age and so on. What is your rental period? What do you do for living? What kind of place are you looking for? Send me an email or give me your Email address and phone number? Only suitable can see the room, the room will be available from Late October or earlier. First payment is available first. Good opportunity is only for those who move fast.
    It is also important to add an important point: prohibiting drug use, prohibiting marijuana, prohibiting gambling and prohibiting alcohol abuse. No Pets! Thanks!
    Because many scammers want to scam using the information here. So I have to warn these scammers: don’t waste time sending scam links and scammers who want to pick up bank accounts. Don’t send fraudulent text messages or phone calls! Liars have no chance here. Thanks!
    The better contact directly by Email first . thanks! Martin

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