Free room for helpful roommate(s) / Small Family seeking Au Pair

Nice furnished rooms for rent near the following Skytrain station: Oakridge or King Edward. Free room if renter can help with any one of the following areas of home care as small family is seeking home support worker(s) to help with any one of the following areas:
1. Basic housekeeping and home care for small family,
2. Senior care,
3. Babies care, and/or
4. Simple household administrative work or simple business administrative work; The room can be free if the roommate(s) can offer some help on the side, and more fees can even be offered if the roommates can offer more time/help over and beyond the value of the room;

There are various locations and rooms to choose from:
1. Oakridge area, near Oakridge Skytrain station:
Vancouver Arts House:
Rooms valued from $290/month (small room) to $750 / month (room with private en suite washroom)
2. King Edward area: near King Edward Skytrain station :
Parkhouse : ( nice big room from $550/month)

The value of the room is stated for reference purpose only. The objective of this program is to seek helpful roommates who can offer time/help in exchange for the room, with no rent required from the roommate(s).
To inquire please contact the following contact info. And send the following information to the following email address :
Copy of resume or brief work experiences overview;
Please also let us know which area of work ( home care, senior care, baby care, or admin work ) you are interested or have experiences in.
An overview of your availability in general ( whether you are available for part-time or full time work and on what days of the week )

The above is basic information we will need to assess suitability and to initiate discussion. Interested parties can request virtual or in person showing of the rental premises (please check out the places to see if the rooms are suitable first), and if interested in this program, will also be contacted for the job discussion by video chat first, and then by in person meeting ( with appropriate social distance measure ).

Contact Info:
Email address:
Mobile Number:

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