Hippie Heaven – hot tub / gym / super chill / super nice people

Welcome to The Semple Life
House perks:
-includes all bills
– all outdoor maintenance taken care of (snow shovelling, gardening)
-parking space with electric plug in back for winter
-large in-home basement gym
-bonfire pit
– transit routes right beside our house
-super nice people (3 live here)
– 1 kitty
-bedroom is featured in the photos
-large closet
– high speed internet

– respect hours
– quiet time Monday – friday 10:30 pm- 10 am
– all shared house products are split ( garbage bags, TP etc. (~$20/mth))
Available : September 1st
Finding a new roommate freaks us the hell out. No joke, But really can you blame us? A new roommate online? Odds of success are questionable…
The house is located in the garden city community. We’ve now lived with a long-time friends, and a couple of fantastic roomies, and everything has been going great!! ! But life happens and So a spot has opened up for a new great person to share the Semple life with us 🙂 So here we are on kjiji.
About ourselves: We’re all so easygoing its ridiculous. very laid back, honest, and trustworthy.
Im an accountant , and Colin is a professional artist. super nice guys , the kind of people guys who help everyone out .
We enjoy hanging out , looooove watching movies…cooking, eating, beers… I mean sure we go out and do things now and then, but at home we pretty much just laze around. And hang out with our 3 legged cat !
We do enjoy having our friends and/ or our girlfriends over for drinks and BBQ’s the odd weekend in the summer, we also enjoy having a couple of drinks ourselves (as we come from pretty polish backrounds 🙂 ….but we’re surprisingly quiet at home. And we don’t mind if our roommates have friends over either.. as long as everyone is respecting each others work / school schedules, and we are super respectful of that also for our roommates.
The household is laid back , its a really nice place, a total bargain. We are slowly renovating the place , but obviously try to not get in anyones way . Its a 1300 sq ft. bungalo …large and really clean, right by west kildonan library (great for bus routes) . We have put a 60″ tv in the living room and we have net flix!!. The backyard is nothing short of stellar, with a bbq and really nice bonfire pit for the summer (we love bonfires), and a sweet hammocks!!!
We really care about our roomates and its really important that we keep everyone happy here, as such we are probably some of the most welcoming people you will ever meet 🙂
How can I simplify this? No axe murderers , no drug addicts, no creepy people, no gang-members, don’t be on the sex-offender registry, don’t steal our stuff. Please no families either. I need someone normal like us, preferably 35 and under, someone who works Monday – Friday (so we can enjoy our weekends together). Someone who enjoys their life, pays their rent on time, and most importantly someone who cleans up after themselves on a regular basis. I don’t care about your room… just keep the shared areas clean. It seems pretty simple.
Unfortunately we aren’t accepting couples for the room, since we have the perfect flow in the house and like the space everyone has , likewise we can’t take any other cats or dogs since we already have a fur baby , who is quite territorial !
If you’re interested, email me and Ideally send me a link to your face book. That way I can pre-qualify you by creeping your profile before responding.

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